Step One – gather a group of your peeps (they can be anywhere in the country). Two to four is the best, but you can play multiple times with the same or different peeps.

Step Two – Invent a story that has a conflict. It can be as silly or serious as you want. (Really silly is better.) For example,

  • Couples can’t agree on who gets to watch the big TV or what color to paint the living room.

  • Dance partners are fighting over whether the chasse should be syncopated or straight time.

  • Co-workers share the same space: one is messy, the other is neat.

    Step Three – decide who is playing which role as follows:

  • Two people = Plaintiff and Defendant

  • Three people = Plaintiff, Defendant, and attorney representing one of the parties.

  • Four people = Plaintiff, Plaintiff’s attorney, Defendant, Defendant’s attorney

    Step Four – reach out to me at or (404) 314-7228. Please reference Stump The Mediator in the subject line, if you email.