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Mediation is all about the stories. Individuals come to Mediation because they are engaged in a disagreement/dispute/conflict they cannot resolve on their own. In fact, the very word “conflict” often causes emotional, physical or psychological reactions ranging from discomfort to outright anxiety.

The Mediator’s role is to listen to and hear these stories, then attempt to guide the parties to a forward-looking solution. We may not be able to change the past; we can create a different future.

Some benefits of Mediation include –

  • Encourages direct communication between the parties

  • Helps people decide for themselves

  • Allows for the expression of emotions, including anger

  • Promotes cooperation

  • Can preserve the strengths of an ongoing relationship

  • More timely and cost effective than a formal legal proceeding

  • Can be employed with or without legal representation

Mediation is simple and cost effective and can be conducted in person or virtually.  A particular Mediation can last an hour or two or may need multiple sessions, depending on the complexity of the issues and the number of participants. Mediations may be charged by an hourly rate or fixed price.  The cost is generally split among the parties.

Rebecca Zimmerman offers a free 30 minute consultation to explain the Mediation process in person to help individuals and businesses determine if Mediation might be helpful in resolving their specific conflicts.

If you are curious about whether Mediation may be a resource to assist you in resolving a conflict with a family member, an ex-spouse, a boss or employee, a neighbor, an HOA, your child’s school, a business partner or another situation you may be facing, contact Rebecca Zimmerman at Keystone Conflict Solutions, LLC (see contact information below).

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Virtual Online Mediations Are Here To Stay

In these traumatic times with potential challenges facing us at all corners, the industry of Conflict Resolution has taken a technological leap forward with Virtual Online Mediations. What can you expect if you were to participate in a Virtual Online Mediation?

  • Virtual Online Mediations are governed by the same ethical and professional guidelines as in person Mediations – Self-Determination, Impartiality and Confidentiality.

  • Additional security protocols using technologically advanced online meeting protocols are available.

  • As effective and efficient as in-person Mediations can be around saving time and money, the Virtual Online Mediations bring even more to the table – in the sense that neither your attorney nor you will need to take the extra time to travel to the mediation site, making sure you leave enough time to accommodate Atlanta traffic.


Contact Rebecca Zimmerman for a FREE 20 minute consultation to explain the Mediation process.

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