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Families fight; it’s a fact of life. As parents age, families face many new decisions.Should Mom/Dad move to an assisted living facility? Should the family home be sold? Who should be in charge of finances, health care activities, day-to-day chores, companionship for parent? Do all siblings or other family members live close by? These are all dynamics that can create a logjam in decision making.


Conflicts over estate distributions invariably involve highly charged emotional situations. These conflicts can arise whether or not a Last Will and Testament exists. Unresolved disputes can take years to complete and involve costly attorney’s fees. Compromise and negotiation involve a willingness on the part of all parties to move off singular solution mindsets and finger-pointing. The emotions involved in protecting one’s perceived rights and interests can create a logjam in decision making.


Mediation creates a pathway to conversation and empowers family members to develop solutions that work best for them. Each person has a chance to express his or her concerns, questions and needs in an environment where both individual and collective ideas are presented, considered and valued. While there can be no guarantee of results, Mediation creates a spirit of compromise and negotiation that often leads to positive solutions for all involved.

You can expect to engage in a process guided by three key principles – self-determination, impartiality and confidentiality.

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Virtual Online Mediations Are Here To Stay

In these traumatic times with potential challenges facing us at all corners, the industry of Conflict Resolution has taken a technological leap forward with Virtual Online Mediations. What can you expect if you were to participate in a Virtual Online Mediation?

  • Virtual Online Mediations are governed by the same ethical and professional guidelines as in person Mediations – Self-Determination, Impartiality and Confidentiality.

  • Additional security protocols using technologically advanced online meeting protocols are available.

  • As effective and efficient as in-person Mediations can be around saving time and money, the Virtual Online Mediations bring even more to the table – in the sense that neither your attorney nor you will need to take the extra time to travel to the mediation site, making sure you leave enough time to accommodate Atlanta traffic.


Contact Rebecca Zimmerman for a FREE 20 minute consultation explaining the Mediation process.  You may also consider scheduling a program at your senior community or other organization to explain the value of Mediation to create solutions for immediate senior lifestyle choices.

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