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Conflict Is a Fact of Life. Mediation Can Help!



Conflict is a fact of life; it cannot be avoided. When conflict occurs in a business, large or small, the smooth operation of that business is affected.  Precious time and physical and emotional energy are drained from the day-to-day operation.

Conflicts come in many forms – internally within the organization (work-place disputes) and externally between the organization and outside entities (market-place disputes). The sooner the dispute can be resolved, the more swiftly the business can return to its normal operation.


Any company that has employees is sure to have work-place disputes. These work-place disputes come in many different forms – peer to peer or hierarchical in nature.  Business partnerships end on a bad note. Two staff members have to share a work space; one is messy, the other is neat. There are claims of discrimination or sexual harassment. One employee is paid more than another for the same job. Jealousy can play a factor as can the perception of favoritism, different communication styles or personality conflicts.  Employee turnover takes an especially high toll on business functions. 


Market-place disputes may arise between the company and its customers, suppliers or contractors. Most typically, these conflicts will take place because expectations of one party are not being met. Delivery doesn’t take place on time, causing delays; quality is called into question; payment is not made in a timely manner or at all; contractors fail to show up; rain delays affect the progress of a project.


MEDIATION CAN HELP. Mediation is the process of working with a neutral party to resolve conflicts, disagreements or disputes. Mediation creates a pathway to conversation and empowers parties in a dispute to develop solutions that work best for them. Each person has a chance to express his or her concerns, questions and needs in an environment where both individual and collective ideas are presented, considered and valued. While there can be no guarantee of results, Mediation creates a spirit of compromise and negotiation that often leads to positive solutions for all involved.

You can expect to engage in a process guided by three key principles – self-determination, impartiality and confidentiality

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  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Smoother day-to-day operation
  • Speedy resolution of disagreements
  • Cost effective
  • Stress relief

Virtual Online Mediations Are Here To Stay

In these traumatic times with potential challenges facing us at all corners, the industry of Conflict Resolution has taken a technological leap forward with Virtual Online Mediations. What can you expect if you were to participate in a Virtual Online Mediation?

  • Virtual Online Mediations are governed by the same ethical and professional guidelines as in person Mediations – Self-Determination, Impartiality and Confidentiality.

  • Additional security protocols using technologically advanced online meeting protocols are available.

  • As effective and efficient as in-person Mediations can be around saving time and money, the Virtual Online Mediations bring even more to the table – in the sense that neither your attorney nor you will need to take the extra time to travel to the mediation site, making sure you leave enough time to accommodate Atlanta traffic.


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