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Domestic Disputes are many and varied. These disputes involve difficult decisions, heavy emotional consequences and potentially large legal fees. The opportunity to work through the issues using a Mediation protocol offers many benefits, such as –

  • Control over the outcome – Leaving the ultimate decision to the judge – although necessary at times – can involve unpredictable results. Finding a mutually agreeable resolution through Mediation offers a high degree of self-determination. You get to decide, including whether to continue on to a court hearing.

  • Time and Expense – In disputes appropriate for Mediation, there can be a significant savings in terms of time to resolution and cost of a legal proceeding.

  • Can be conducted with or without attorneys.

    Couples getting divorced may have only a few or many matters that need to be resolved. Questions facing these couples include –

  • How long the couple was married

  • Are there children of the marriage and, if so,

    • What is the co-parenting time for each parent

    • What is the child support obligation of each parent

  • What assets and debt have the couple accumulated

  • Did one party make the choice to stay home and thus is seeking alimony.

  • Even more complex is circumstances involving blended families.

    Modifications of child support or co-parenting time or both are frequently the subject of litigation and, thus, mediation. What happens when one parent wants to move or change the child’s or children’s school? Who pays for extracurricular activities, health care, advanced education?

    Unmarried parents face similar disputes over child support and co-parenting time as divorcing parents and have the additional step of legitimation.

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Virtual Online Mediations Are Here To Stay

In these traumatic times with potential challenges facing us at all corners, the industry of Conflict Resolution has taken a technological leap forward with Virtual Online Mediations. What can you expect if you were to participate in a Virtual Online Mediation?

  • Virtual Online Mediations are governed by the same ethical and professional guidelines as in person Mediations – Self-Determination, Impartiality and Confidentiality.

  • Additional security protocols using technologically advanced online meeting protocols are available.

  • As effective and efficient as in-person Mediations can be around saving time and money, the Virtual Online Mediations bring even more to the table – in the sense that neither your attorney nor you will need to take the extra time to travel to the mediation site, making sure you leave enough time to accommodate Atlanta traffic.

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