Over the last several years I have invested a considerable amount of time learning about the challenges facing families as their loved ones experience failing health or leave us. This blog entry provides a list of the resources I have discovered are available to these families. I am fascinated by the variety of choices to which families can turn and I am sure I have missed a few, if not many. The important lesson is – we are not alone in this journey.


Many residential options are available as a loved one ages, depending on his or her (a) desire to live independently, (b) physical limitations and cognitive capabilities, including –

  • At home with or without assistance

  • With a family member

  • Independent Living Facility

  • Personal Care Home

  • Assisted Living Facility

  • Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Memory Care Facility


    Many options for daily activities or more comprehensive care are available for individuals who need additional assistance.

  • Family Members

  • Senior Centers

  • Adult Day Care

  • Home Care Services (including companionship)

  • Home Health Care Services

  • Hospice


    Most specialties in medicine have subcategories for geriatric care. In addition, understanding the scheme of medical treatment can be daunting.

  • Hospitalization

  • Rehabilitation following hospitalization for illness or injury

  • Skilled Nursing Facilities

  • Role of Social Workers and Geriatric Care Managers

  • Patient Advocates

  • Medication Management Protocols


    Professionals serving the senior population abound.

  • Attorneys, including

    • Elder Care

    • Estate Planning and Probate

    • Business

  • Financial Planners

  • Accountants

  • Social Workers and Geriatric Care Managers

  • Family Therapists


    Many non-profits serve the senior care industry, such as the Alzheimer’s Association, Aging In Place Council, Amy’s Place to name a few. In addition, virtually every disease and condition (such as American Cancer Society, American Heart Association et.al) is served by a non-profit – way too many to start listing in this brief writing.


    Many other services are offered to families with issues involving caring for a senior person or following the passing of a loved one. Following is a sampling of such services:

  • Daily Money Management

  • Patient Advocates

  • Down-sizing Specialists, Professional Organizers and Moving Companies

  • Home Modification Contractors

  • Durable Medical Supplies Providers

  • Realtors

  • Grief Counselors

  • Caring for the Care-Taker Services

  • State Ombudsman Office

  • State Elder Care Abuse Office

    If your family is unsure what resources are available to assist with care for a loved one or resolve an estate dispute, contact Keystone Conflict Solutions LLC at rebecca@kcsmediation.com or (404) 314-7228 to learn if Mediation or Conflict Management Consulting can provide guidance.