As I have written these 24 or so blog entries, I have learned so much more about myself and the conflict resolution process (whether Mediation or Conflict Management Consulting) than I could possibly have contemplated when I began this endeavor.

I originally conceived of this project as if I were writing a book – with chapters and subchapters, which helped me enormously to organize my thoughts. The four main subject matter segments are –

  • Conflict Theory

  • Mediation – What Is It and How Does It Work

  • Work-Place Conflict Resolution

  • Elder Care and Estate Distribution Conflict Resolution

    My intention was to complete the first two subject matter segments (Conflict Theory and Mediation) before I began sharing the individual topics, so that I could publish on a regular basis (weekly or bi-weekly). As I began publishing the Conflict Theory and Mediation segments, I intended to write the Work-Place Conflict Resolution and the Elder Care and Estate Distribution Conflict Resolution segments. I am proud to say that I have been successful in this effort.

    I have now completed my original goals. I hope you have enjoyed and found useful the content of “Conflict Is A Fact Of Life”.

    Please contact me at Keystone Conflict Solutions LLC if you know someone who is facing a difficult within himself or herself or with another individual at or (404) 314-7228.